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Why PhotoPost vBGallery for vBulletin(tm) Forums?

PhotoPost vBGallery 2.5 now includes all "Albums" features from vBulletin

PhotoPost vBGallery Installed, vBulletin Albums OFF

If you're already running vBulletin's basic Albums feature, switching to PhotoPost vBGallery is as simple as:

1. Install PhotoPost vBGallery
2. Run our importer script to import albums and photos from vBulletin into PhotoPost vBGallery
3. Go to your vBulletin admin panel, click the "User Profile Options" setting group, then uncheck the "Albums" box and save.

That's it -- you get the best of both worlds with both the robust PhotoPost vBGallery featureset plus the same features as vBulletin's basic profile albums, and you eliminate any user confusion about where they should upload their photos, or how to participate in your centralized categorized albums where everyone on your site can browse and upload photos.

While vBulletin's basic profile-isolated "albums" feature falls short...

vBulletin Albums

...PhotoPost soars with its engaging, community-wide photo sharing gallery.

PhotoPost vBGallery Screenshots

Why settle for a barebones album system with albums and uploads limited to profile pages? When you want a serious gallery designed with the enthusiast in mind, AND you want vBulletin's profile album functionality as well, choose PhotoPost vBGallery, the most widely recommended and best integrated vBulletin compatible gallery, as your all-in-one solution.

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Popular Features for vBulletin Forum Owners

Feature HighlightsPhotoPost vBGalleryvBulletin Albums
Users can upload photos
Display user's albums on vB profile page
Upload photos link in vB's User Control Panel
Moderation option for uploads, comments
Display recent uploads on user's vB profile 
Central index/portal page (/gallery/index.php) 
Gallery stats tab on user's vB profile page 
Import albums/photos from vB albums to vBGallery 
Upload photos to site-wide categories 
Usergroup view/upload permissions 
Subscribe to friends, get upload updates! 
Flash uploader: easily upload multiple photos 
Mark photos as favorites, track discussions 
Display new uploads on your vB forum index 
vBGallery pages use your vBulletin styles 
127 admin options in vBGallery admin panel 
Photo ratings 
EXIF photo/camera data 
Multiple photo sizes 
Support for wma, mpeg, wav, avi, mpg, wmv 
.htaccess option, prevent hotlinking images 
Recent Photos on vBulletin Index Page
Display New Uploads on Your vBulletin Forum Index

Central Site-Wide Album Index Categories
Central Site-Wide Album Categories Index Accessible to All,
Not Just Isolated Personal Albums in User Profiles

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