PhotoPost Customer Testimonials

"Very responsive to questions and special concerns. Paying a small fee extra to have some special customizations made to the scripts. Would definitely work with these people again."
-- Rob,

"I must tell you and others that I'm a proud vBulletin and Photopost owner and my members do love it even more. I still can't belief that I paid that little bit of money for such a killer app."
-- Rhyze,

"You're probably tired of hearing it by now but, awesome product, awesome service. I will without a doubt take the time to let others know how I feel."
-- Pete

"I installed my PhotoPost last night. It was a piece of cake! I wish I found your product earlier! I spent over $300 on ImageFolio's product, and I wasn't happy with the way it worked, so I never launched it on my site. Thanks again."
-- Mitch,

"The PHP version rocks. I just upgraded to 3.1 and it looks like the best version yet. Michael and Scott have done a heck of a job in bringing the product from where it was to where it is today."

"It literally took me 5 minutes to set the entire piece of software up. I couldn't believe the installation went so smoothly...Thanks again for your help and support, you have been on top of things since my first e-mail. Your customer service is terrific. Keep up the good work and your business will flourish!"
-- CaddisNJF,

"As of now, the photo gallery is up and running, and has become the most popular thing on my site in only a few hours. I HIGHLY recommend PhotoPost for ANY site, especially if you are running vB at present."

"The ordering process was simple and worked brilliantly. My main compliment is for the PhotoPost PHP software which works very well, with excellent support."
-- Piers,

"This is an excellent piece of software that works perfectly. The purchase itself was trouble free and the support forums are excellent."
-- Dean,

"a very polite and customer orientated company..."
-- Howard,

"Everything from the purchase and delivery to the software installation went smoothly and flawlessly. What else is there to say?"
-- Shawn,

"I would like to be added to the list of customers that appreciate your efforts. You have done awesome work in a short time, and the bar keeps rising. Thanks again!"

"Producing PhotoPost has to be tough, and in spite of my constant request for new features I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your work, and the time you spend with us."
-- Doug,