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What Our Customers Say
Here are some of the comments we've received from our customers. These are real customers, and they received no compensation of any kind.

"This is a great piece of software that has been a firm favourite with our web site users, and the gallery is the second most visited area of the web site."
Thomas I.
"PhotoPost is the very best online gallery offered. The price is VERY affordable and more than fair for the fantastic service you get and the product is bar none compared to the others I've used."
Paula M.
"I would like to let you know that the customer support I have received from PhotoPost has been excellent! Specifically Chuck Scannell, Chuck has repeatedly replied to support related questions on the photopost forum in a very timely and efficient manner. Both his quick replies to my questions as well as those others have asked have helped me quite a bit since I am new to VB. Thanks to Chuck and the entire team for putting together and supporting this fine product!!!"
Joe L.
"Fast service, excellent product! What more can anyone ask for! See PhotoPost in use at our website! Thank you!"
Rick V.
"I am a complete novice at this type of program, so the fact that I found it relatively easy to install and set up is proof that this is a great product! Service is fantastic and fast."
Sonya P.
"Everything from the purchase and delivery to the software installation went smoothly and flawlessly. What else is there to say?"
"I would recommend this company to anyone building a website with a gallery. Knowing nothing about building a website, they we sable to assist me with all my questions and concerns. The product is VERY easy to learn! And they staff was very helpful. Being new to this, I had and overwelming feeling and Had felt like I was treated like I was computer stupid by several other companies that applications are on my site. But the staff at PhotoPost explained thing to me in a way that I would understand and did not make me feel silly for asking simple question that most companies would take for granted that everyone would know! This product is definitely a asset to my business!!! thanks, Dee"
Dee W.
"Special thanks to one of the support folks a Dave Keifer. He went above and beyond to make sure that all my issues were resolved in a early quick manner. His communications skills are an example for other to follow. He deserves a pat on the back!! Overall I would Highly recommend PhotoPost to anybody who was thinking about installing photo posting software on their website or as a stand alone photo site. The software works and integrates very well with Invision Power Board."
Robert H.
"Very responsive to questions and special concerns. Paying a small fee extra to have some special customizations made to the scripts. Would definitely work with these people again."
"Ordering was easy & I received my installation instructions in a very reasonable amount of time. My members on my site LOVE the new photo gallery. Thanks!"
Joseph B.
"Perfect integration for vBulletin forums. Having tried several different gallery solutions and even resorting to manually building my galleries with .html code and varous java scripts, I was absolutely delighted when I found PhotoPost, linked via VBPortal, which as it happens I had found purely by accident. My website suddenly seems to have come to life and is seriously benefiting from the PhotoPost program, giving all my users somewhere to store their images, while at the same time allowing me to include thousands of images myself, all of which can also be sent as e-cards. This program is a bargain and is far cheaper and better than some of its rivals. Together with its sister program Review post, I consider both programs an essential package for any vBulletin forum. "
Thomas M
"Ordering was easy and download availability was fast. I did purchase the installation option and the service was fantastic. We were up and running in no time."
Vicki R.
"I just renewed my membership to PhotoPost. Did I need to? No, because the previous versions of the software were still far beyond any photo posting software out there , bar none. I just want the latest and greatest and PhotoPost continues to supply just that. My photo gallery is what keeps visitors coming to my site and I wouldn't have too many hits without it despite the other bells and whistles my site has. Im still surprised at how relatively inexpensive PhotoPost is, but Im not complaining. I've seen Fortune 500 companies attempt to produce similar software and not one has come close to being so seamless. Thanks!"
Kevin M.
"Excellent script and really helpful people in forums! Thank you for your great work! "
Isabel T.
"Best Image Gallery Software! I am a very happy customer!"
Steve G.
"I ordered my license and installation request Saturday night around 8 pm. Within 24 hours, it was not only installed & integrated, but Chuck had responded to an email Sunday evening and been back to my site to provide additional support. Bottom line, it took 1 day--a Sunday no less--from start to finish. In my experience, that kind of response/support is highly unusual, especially so insofar as custom installation of a product like this. I'm generally a pretty impatient customer; I like to get what I order promptly and get timely answers to the specific questions that inevitably arise when you apply a new application to a customized site. I'm also a relative novice at webmastering, and have found few support types with the patience/ability to clearly explain matters in a way less-technically savvy people can understand. I've already told Chuck this personally, but I want to say it here as well. Outstanding product, outstanding support. Can't ask for anything more."
"Great product, company and customer support."
Robert C.
"I have been dealing with PhotoPost products for several websites since 2001 and have had nothing but impeccable service from them. Michael is always helpful and Chuck is irreplaceable as a problem solver. Fantastic merchant/company! Thanks for everything guys."
Dave R.
"The ordering process was simple and worked brilliantly. My main compliment is for the PhotoPost PHP software which works very well, with excellent support."
"For myself PhotoPost allows me to utilize all of my usergroup permissions within VBulletin 3.5.4. With the functionality that they offer, you can easily integrate this into any site using VBulletin with an easy installation and great support, PhotoPost has my vote for best gallery on VBulletin."
Kavin M.
"As always, a very easy shopping process. They also provide some of the best customer support that I've come across on the one occasion Ive actually needed it. The software itself is intuitive, well documented and supported. Many thanks!"
William S.
"Excellent everything as always.. Its nice dealing with a company that follows through (and then some) every time..."
Sal C.
"Thanks for this great piece of software. Easy payment and quick response for download delivery. I use Photopost in the Netherlands for Bernese Mountain Dogs Photoclub. Easy setup and the program works fast."
Dim K.
"Chuck Scannell was a LOT of help in setting up my gallery - thanks!!!"
Jackie G.
"This is the best program we have looked at. Its easy to install and set up, and it has a lot of options. The website has a very good support area and a forum to discuss problems. The manual is well written too."
Tracy D.
"Very good service, excellent technical support. Very quick to answer my questions. I would have no hesitation purchasing from PhotoPost again."
David R.
"Great, powerful, programs. There was a tremendous increase in traffic to my site after installing PhotoPost."
Gary F.
"Not only is the software great, but the Customer Service is stellar!! I would highly recommend them to anyone!!"
Leslie F.
"PhotoPost did an outstanding job dealing with the issues and challenges of upgrading my site. Im very pleased."
Thomas B.
"I think the product is wonderful! I also needed customer support and they responded immediately and resolved my issue. Great people to work with!"
Tracy M.
"I had been wanting Photo Post for my online community for years and once we finally raised the funds I was ecstatic. It is the BEST photo gallery out there and it wasn't all that hard to install once I tweaked a few things. Thank you Photo Post for your wonderful creation. I am proud to be a Photo Post Gallery Owner. "
Bethy A.
"PhotoPost is an exceptional value. Their delivery and follow-up was wonderful. I highly recommend them."
Kristopher S.
"I must tell you and others that I'm a proud vBulletin and PhotoPost owner and my members do love it even more. I still can't believe that I paid that little bit of money for such a killer app."
"I've now purchased two licenses from PhotoPost and find them an excellent provider of both Software and service. Emails are answered quickly and the installation service and communication between the installation engineer and the purchaser is faultless. I would recommend the software and the friendly customer service to any one. Excellent all around!"
Annie M.
"The customer service at photopost is the best. I have used their services and currently have two licenses of photopost; I would definitely recommend it to anyone."
Robert M.
"The software purchased from photopost is of the highest quality and has enabled us to achieve what we had initally planned without loads of effort, the support service is also top notch, would recommend them to anyone! Keep up the good work!"
Ryan M.
"The PhotoPost software is a great photo gallery solution for our clients. We have used some popular free PHP versions of a gallery but none compare to PhotoPost. Very robust, customizable and user friendly. We'll be back."
Robert C.
"Always good experiences with PhotoPost. Thats why I have 4 sites with their products running on them :)."
David R.
"PhotoPost is the premiere solution for photo galleries associated with vBulletin communities (forums). It is easy to install, use and to provide end user support."
"PhotoPost is an excellent product. I've purchased quite a few licenses, and use it on various sites. Their product works well, and the customer service and technical support is fantastic."
Robert H.