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Upgrading from PhotoPost Perl to PhotoPost PHP

If you currently hold a PhotoPost Perl license, we are offering a one-time chance to upgrade at no cost, despite PhotoPost PHP being a new product based on PhotoPost Perl's features, with 100% new code. We owe our success to you, those that have bought a PhotoPost license since its November 2001 debut, and this is our way of saying thanks. The following conditions apply to upgrading:

1) The beginning of your one year access to updates began the day you purchased your PhotoPost Perl license and is not affected. If you choose to use PhotoPost PHP, you will be able to download updates to both PhotoPost Perl and PhotoPost PHP for the remainder of your access term.
2) You cannot run PhotoPost Perl and PhotoPost PHP, concurrently, unless you purchased more than one license.
3) If you purchased the copyright removal option for PhotoPost Perl, you are welcome to continue using it with your PhotoPost Perl product, but it cannot be used with our PhotoPost PHP product. We want to compensate you for any referrals that you send our way via the copyright link, though, so be sure to join our free affiliate program to earn 20% commission on sales if you choose to upgrade.

PhotoPost PHP includes the ability to EASILY upgrade from your existing PhotoPost Perl. Upgrade steps:

1) Be sure to backup all images, your PhotoPost Perl scripts, and your PhotoPost database.

2) You must be running PhotoPost v2.50, v2.51, v2.52, or v2.53 to upgrade to PhotoPost PHP. If you're running an earlier version than v2.50, you can upgrade to PhotoPost Perl first by downloading PhotoPost Perl v2.53 from the members area and its running upgrade scripts according to your present version (you must run the scripts in this sequence):

To upgrade from 2.0 to 2.01:
-Run upgrade20.pl

To upgrade from 2.01 to 2.10:
-Run upgrade201.pl

To upgrade from 2.10 to 2.50:
-Run upgrade210.pl

To upgrade from 2.50 to 2.51:
-Run upgrade250.pl

To upgrade from 2.51 to 2.52:
-Run upgrade251.pl

To upgrade from 2.52 to 2.53:
-Run upgrade252.pl

Once you're running PhotoPost Perl v2.50, v2.51, v2.52, or v2.53, upgrade to PhotoPost PHP by copying PhotoPost PHP's PHP scripts and .sql files into the directory where your "data" directory currently resides (which should be where your existing Perl scripts reside unless your Perl scripts are in a cgi-bin), and copy PhotoPost PHP's images into your "images" directory, configure config-inc.php, then run upgrade252.php from your browser (and don't forget to follow that up with upgradecats.php, as prompted). If you were running PhotoPost Perl's scripts in a different directory than your PhotoPost PHP scripts now reside (cgi-bin perhaps), you will need to also run install.php to change the directory path(s) - install.php will not delete your existing photos, but again, please be sure that everything is backed up and can be restored if a failure occurs.

See our support page for more install details.

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