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Getting Support
  • Pre-Purchase Forums: If you have a pre-sales question, this is the place.

  • Contact Us: Contact us directly with any sales or support questions.

  • Customer Support Forums: If you are a customer and have an installation problem, a bug report, or any other question or comment, our "support forums" section is the place to post it. We monitor the forums day and night and will help you solve problems. PhotoPost customers frequent these forums as well and they'll offer you advice too.

  • Members Area (license holders only): Use the members area to inspect your PhotoPost license details and to download the latest version of PhotoPost. We will be continually adding new features to PhotoPost as well as promptly fixing any compatibility issues or bugs that turn up. In most cases, upgrading from version to version will simply require uploading the new PhotoPost scripts over your old PhotoPost scripts, and in some cases you'll need to run an upgrade script.