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 Administration Panel

PhotoPost Admin Panel Options:
Scan Database
Bulk Move
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Photo Approval Interface

The photo approval section allows you to review each photo that a user has submited and mark it for approval or deletion. Each time a photo is uploaded it is first put into the approval interface to be reviewed by an administrator.

How to:
The above example is a photo that has been submitted for review. To approve or delete a photo that has been submited, click on the the "Delete" or "Approve" radio boxes below the photo and then click the "Submit Changes" button.
(by default "Approve" will be selected.)

Approval Interfaceetails:

  • When the title link is clicked, or the filesize link, it will go directly to the full-size version of the photo that has been submitted.
  • The drop down menu below the photo is the category selection menu. This allows an administrator to specify what category this photo should be displayed in.


PhotoPost has over 90 customizable options available in the options control panel.

To view the options page, log into the admin control panel and click on the "Options" link menu bar. You will then be able to view a complete description for each of the available options.

Click the link below to get an entire listing and descriptions of each one of the options.


Scan Database

This Scan Database tool allows an administrator to select a number of options to help keep track of missing images, add or remove watermarks from your images, and specify a number of recalculate functions. (Below is a detailed list of database options.)

How to:
Click on one or more of the check boxes on the left side and then click the "Perform Tasks" button to make the changes.

Database Option details:

  • Check for and create missing thumbnails
    Scans the database for thumbnails that do not have thumbnails associated with them and automatically generates a thumbnail for each of them.
  • Rebuild all thumbnails.

  • Rebuilds all thumbnails in the database and re-creates them.

  • Check here to watermark unwatermarked files
    A watermark is a logo that can be included on all the the photos displayed in PhotoPost. Such as a company or website logo. This option allows you to include or remove the watermarks from the photos displayed on your website. (Note: This action cannot be undone - backup your data directory and photos database!)

  • Check here to recalculate photos/posts numbers and check children.
    This will run a recalculation of the database and make validate that all the photos and the posts made by users are correct. The "check children" makes sure that all subcategories for each category are in the correct location.


Bulk Move

This tool moves all images from one category to another category.

How to:
As shown in the example above, from the "Category you wish to move" drop-down menu, select the category that you would like to move the photos from, then from the drop down menu for, "Category you wish to move to", select the category you would like to move the photos to. (Note: Be careful! This moves every image in the selected category into the new location.)



The category editor allows you to add top level categories, sub categories, edit current categories and rename and remove categories.

How to add a top level category:
Click on the "add top level Category" link and then select the name of the category and a description for the category. Then click the "Add Category" button.

How to add a sub-level category:
On the main categories screen click "Add Subcat" to add a subcategory to the top level category. Then select a name for the subcat and a description.

How to edit categories:
On the main categories screen click the edit button next to the category that you would like to edit. This will take you to an options screen where you will have detailed descriptions of various options for the particular gallery that you are editing. After you have edited the options click the "Save Changes" button to apply the changes you have made.

How to empty a category:

On the main categories screen click on the "empty" link. This will take you to a to a screen allowin g you to click the "I'm sure, empty the category button. Be careful! This feature removes all posts and comments in the selected category.

How to delete a category or subcategory:

On the main categories screen click on the "Delete" link next to the category or the subcategory. This will take you to a screen that will allow you to remove a category. Click the "I'm sure, delete the category" button to delete the category. Be careful! This will delete all photos and comments within the selected category.


Users & Usergroups options

The user admin panel allows you to modify user information, delete users, or add new users. In addition to modifying users you can also section off users into different user groups, such as unregistered or banning users. etc...


After you locate the user you are searching for click the "edit user" and then select the usergroup you would like to move this user to. Then click the "Save Changes" button.