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PhotoPost vBGallery Readme and Installation

Installation Help & Support F.A.Q. Upgrading

PhotoPost vBGallery
PhotoPost vBGallery is an advanced photo gallery which is built around, and completely integrated with vBulletin. It includes more features and flexibility than most other image galleries available on the market today and is very easy to set up and maintain. It allows unlimited categories, subcategories, and uploads. Also includes many other options such as user favorites, subscriptions, comments, ratings, multimedia file support, and much more!
  • Fully integrated with vBulletin.
  • Unlimited* categories & sub-categories.
  • Unlimited* file uploads.
  • Automatically resizes images and creates thumbnails using the GD library or ImageMagick.
  • Support for multimedia and any other types of files. Also allows you to add new filetypes.
  • Ability to allow as many uploads at a time as you would like**, along with bulk uploading from your server.
  • Ability to limit how much disk space a user's uploads may consume on a per-usergroup basis.
  • Image manipulation options to allow you to rotate and flip images.
  • Set filesize, width, and height limits on uploads on a per-extension and per-category basis.
  • Watermarking of images.
  • Slide show.
  • Allow your users to send e-Cards to their friends.
  • Printer friendly version of images.
  • Allow users to send images to their friends.
  • What's New & What's Popular sections.
  • Allow users to comment on uploads.
  • Allow users to rate uploads.
  • User Favorites.
  • User Subscriptions.
  • User Albums where your users can create and manage their own categories.
  • Advanced searching features along with cached searching for faster results.
  • Choose what information to show with thumbnails of images (User, date, filesize, dimensions, views, replies, description, and last post).
  • On/off indicators to show your users which categories contain new images since their last visit.
  • Password protected categories.
  • New and/or random images on your gallery index page.
  • Ability to add custom fields to collect and display more information about the files being uploaded.
  • Ability to allow your users to select the number of images to display per page, plus other advanced sorting options.
  • Sticky files.
  • Shows the number of replies and uploads per category.
  • Shows the number of hits, posts, last person to reply to uploads, and etc for each upload.
  • Advanced sorting options in each category.
  • Allow users to report broken/problematic images.
  • Category permissions where you can set different permissions for each usergroup on a per-category basis.
  • Completely template based so it is very easy to change the look and feel.
  • Moderate images and/or posts before they will appear on a per usergroup basis.
  • Ability to choose moderators to moderate each category.
  • Options to mass edit/delete uploads.
  • Optimized to handle thousands and thousands of images without a performance hit.
  • Installer that will install all of the templates, phrases, and all database modifications.
  • And MUCH more!

* The term "unlimited" denotes that the only limitions are those of PHP, MySQL, or your web server and not of the PhotoPost vBGallery product.
** There is an option to allow as many upload input boxes as you wish. The actual number of files that may be uploaded at once will depend on your server configuration and the size of the file(s) being uploaded.
This script is © 2003 - 2005 All Enthusiast, Inc.
This script is NOT to be re-distributed in any way or placed on a web site for download.
All copyright notes in the script itself must remain unchanged unless you have purchased a Branding Free license.

Help & Support
Before asking for support Please read the F.A.Q below!
If you have any problems or questions that are not covered in the F.A.Q. please post them at in the appropriate forum. We will be more than happy to help in any way we can if the request for help is made there. Anyone trying to contact a staff member via e-mail, private message, or any other means will be ignored.

Installation Instructions
Step 1 - File Modifications

In your /gallery/ file that came with this script:

Open this file and find:
$forumpath = '';

Add the full path to your forum on your server between the '' marks here.
Save the file as gallery_config.php (removing the '.new' part from the end).

Not sure how to find the path to your forums?

Step 2 - Upload Files
Upload the new PhotoPost vBGallery files and your modified vBulletin files (if applicable) to the directories listed below.
root/forum/admincp - vbagallery_install.php, vba_gallery_admin.php
root/forum/includes - adminfunctions_template.php, adminfunctions_gallery.php, functions_gallery.php, functions_gallery_imageedit.php
root/forum/includes/cron - gallery_ecard.php, gallery_search.php, gallery_subscriptions.php
root/forums/includes/xml - cpnav_vbagallery.xml
root/forum/modcp - index.php, vba_gallery.php
root/gallery/ - Upload this folder and all of it's contents into your root directory.
Note: Be sure to upload the /gallery/images and /forum/cpstyles folders and their contents in Binary mode and the other files in ASCII mode.

Now you will need to chmod the /gallery/files folder to 777:
Step 3 - Run the Install Script
Now you're almost done! It's time to add the PhotoPost vBGallery settings and templates. Run the install script from your browser by going to
This script will make all necessary changes to your database and install the templates, phrases, settings, and etc for you. Once the script is done, go to your Admin CP and you will see a new group of options called "vBa Gallery" in the left frame. That is where you will modify the settings and set up your new Gallery.
Step 4 - Setting Your Options - Important Settings
During the installation, the script will attempt to determine your path and URL settings. If these option are blank when you get to this step then you will need to set these yourself. If you are unsure of these settings, you may find the options later by clicking on the 'Modify Settings' link under 'vBa Gallery' in the left frame. You will find these settings listed under the "Title, URL's, & Paths" group on this page. You must set these options (with the exception of the two FTP upload options) before you will be able to upload files.

FTP & Bulk Uploads:
If you plan to allow some of your users to upload files via FTP, you will first need to make sure that your 'FTP User Folder Path' setting (listed under the 'Modify Settings' link under your 'vBa Gallery' options in your Admin CP) is set to the full path to your '/gallery/users' folder.
You will then need to create a new folder under your '/gallery/users' directory and name it according to that user's userid (so if the user's userid was 5, you would simple create a new folder called 5 under your '/gallery/users' directory.
Lastly, you will need to create a new FTP account on your server for that user and make sure they have access to the newly created folder to upload their files to.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q.I'm not sure how to find the path to my forums.
I get an error like this when I first try to install the script:
Warning: chdir() [function.chdir]: No such file or directory (errno 2) in /home/yoursite/html/gallery/gallery_global.php on line 15

A.The path to your forums directory is set incorrectly. Create a file called info.php with the following content:

<? phpinfo(); 

Then upload that file into your forums directory on your server and go to the file in your browser. You will see a list of options that were set by your host. One of them is called:


Find that, copy that path, and paste it over what you currently have for your path in the gallery_config.php file. Re-upload your gallery_config.php file.
Q. Now that I've installed this script I'm having problems logging in or out of my forum.
A. Try clearing your cookies. If you're still having problems afterwards, edit your 'Cookie Domain' setting (Under Cookies and HTTP Header Options in your vBulletin options section) and change that to "" (note the two dots!).
Also make sure that the 'Path to Save Cookies' setting right above is set to '/'.
Q. Some of my images are broken on my PhotoPost vBGallery pages.
A. If it is your smilies and/or icons that are broken, upload the install file to your /forum/admincp directory and go to the file in your browser. Once there, you will see a link that says 'Click here to update your image paths'. Click that link and it will attempt to update your image paths. If it cannot, you will need to change the URL to each of your smilies and icons through the Admin CP.
If your buttons and other images are broken, follow the instructions here.
Q. I've just upgraded my vBulletin and now my page appears to be broken!
A. Upload the install.php file to your admincp directory and go to it in your browser. Once there, select the option to install only the templates.

Upgrading From vBadvanced Gallery RC4, 1.0.0, & 1.0.1, to PhotoPost vBGallery 1.0.1 vb3.5:
1). If you have not already, first upgrade to vBulletin v3.5.
2). Upload the new gallery files in this package over your existing ones.
3). Go to the install file in your browser by going to Once there, select the option to upgrade.

Upgrading from vBadvanced Gallery RC1 or RC2 to PhotoPost vBGallery 1.0.1 vb3.5:

1). Look in your /forum/admincp/index.php file for this code:
construct_nav_option($vbphrase['add_category'], 'vba_gallery_admin.php?do=addcat');

And replace it with this:
construct_nav_option($vbphrase['add_category'], 'vba_gallery_admin.php?do=addcat');
	construct_nav_option($vbphrase['mass_move'], '../' . $modcpdir . '/vba_gallery.php?do=move');

Now follow the steps below for upgrading from RC3.
Upgrading From vBadvanced Gallery RC3 to PhotoPost vBGallery 1.0.1 vb3.5:
1). In your /forum/modcp/index.php file:

	construct_nav_option($vbphrase['validate_new_images'], 'vba_gallery.php?do=validateimages');
	construct_nav_option($vbphrase['validate_new_posts'], 'vba_gallery.php?do=validateposts');
	construct_nav_option($vbphrase['mass_move'], 'vba_gallery.php?do=move');

Replace With:
	construct_nav_option($vbphrase['validate_new_images'], 'vba_gallery.php?do=validateimages');
	construct_nav_option($vbphrase['validate_new_posts'], 'vba_gallery.php?do=validateposts');
	construct_nav_option($vbphrase['mass_move'], 'vba_gallery.php?do=move');
	construct_nav_option($vbphrase['mass_edit_delete'], 'vba_gallery.php?do=dirmanager');

2). In your /forum/admincp/usergroup.php file:

Find and Remove:
	$gperms = convert_bits_to_array($usergroup['gallerypermissions'], $_BITFIELD['usergroup']['gallerypermissions']);

	foreach($gperms AS $key => $galleryperms)
		construct_hidden_code("usergroup[$key]", $galleryperms);

3). In your /forum/clientscript/vbulletin_editor.js file:

Find:"/forum/misc.php?" + SESSIONURL + 
"do=getsmilies&wysiwyg=" + wysiwyg + "&forumid=" + forumid, "smilies", "statusbar=no,menubar=no,toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=" + 
x_width + ",height=" + y_width);

Replace with:"misc.php?" + SESSIONURL + "do=getsmilies&wysiwyg=" + wysiwyg + "&forumid=" + forumid, "smilies", 
"statusbar=no,menubar=no,toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=" + x_width + ",height=" + y_width);

Note: That's assuming that your forum directory is called 'forum'. If it's named something different then you will need to change that accordingly.

4). In your /forum/includes/init.php file:

Find and Remove:
$_BITFIELD['usergroup']['gallerypermissions'] = array(
	'canviewgallery'	 			=> 1,
	'canviewimages' 				=> 2,
	'moderateimages' 				=> 4,
	'moderateposts' 				=> 8,
	'cansearchimages' 			=> 16,
	'cansendimagetofriend' 	=> 32,
	'caneditimages' 				=> 64,
	'caneditothersimages' 	=> 128,
	'candelete' 						=> 256,
	'candeleteothers' 			=> 512,
	'canviewreplies' 				=> 1024,
	'canreplytoimages' 			=> 4096,
	'caneditposts' 					=> 2048,
	'caneditothersposts' 		=> 8192,
	'candeleteposts' 				=> 16384,
	'candeleteothersposts' 	=> 32768,
	'canrateimages' 				=> 65536,
	'canuploadimages'				=> 131072,
	'canuploadfromserver'		=> 262144,
	'cancreatecategories'		=> 524288,
	'canuploadasuser'				=> 1048576,
	'canviewlargimage'			=> 2097152,
	'cansendecard'					=> 4194304

5). Still In your /forum/includes/init.php file:

	'profilepicmaxsize'     => 1,
	'gallery_maxdiskspace'	=> 1,
	'gallery_maxcats'				=> 1

Replace With:
	'profilepicmaxsize'     => 1

6). Upload all of the new files in the /gallery/ and /forum/ folders which you downloaded in this package over your existing ones (with the exception of your file), as well as the files you have just modified here.

7). Go to in your browser and select the option to upgrade.

Important Note: Once you have finished installing PhotoPost vBGallery, please remove the PhotoPost vBGallery zip file from your webserver and store the zip file on your local PC in a safe place, or burn it to a CD as a backup. If you keep the PhotoPost vB Galleryzip file on your PC, make sure you use a firewall product such as ZoneAlarm (free) to protect your PC from hackers, and never give your PhotoPost members area username/password to anyone.