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Old June 8th, 2005, 09:26 AM   #1
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Questions and recommendations

Hi there- long list of questions/comments/concerns, if you are up late and tired, cranky, in a bad mood, etc. Don't bother reading this now as it will probably really annoy you.

If you are a developer or VERY interested customer, read on and I hope something in here is of value because it will take you a good 10+minutes I think....also, don't forget to breathe, I don't think anyone can hold their breathe over ten minutes

Will the rebuild image sizes feature in the maintenance section resize the intermediate images (images seen when a user clicks on a thumbnail (in the show images php---- not talking about the original nor thumbnail image here). Also will the resize be based on the original image or the existing intermediate file? (i.e. if you are resizing the intermediate file to a larger size you would want to resize from the original that resides on the server to reduce image degreDation)
#1-It would be ideal to be able to select/change the size of your proposed resized images WITHIN the maintenance area-where do you select the size you are changing the thumbs and 'normal/intermediate' images to be resized to (do you have to do this in the edit filetypes area for intermediates (by changing max image size) then the thumbnail size in the modify settings area for the thumbs? Then have to change the max size again so that users can post large originals again? Ack---would recommend clarification on this---it must be easier than that)
#2-It would also be outstanding to allow the admin to set an option that would permit users to choose what size they prefer to view the image at from their image tools. This selected setting would propogate to all new images they view. The admin could select this feature and the new sized images would be generated on the fly as viewing users request new sizes per case, so that only the requested sizes would have to reside on the server (not sure how much this might slow down server operations, however small-medium sites should be ok even with this type of feature enabled). Alternativley, the admin can choose to create various sizes upon upload (when slower response time is expected).
Also setting the option in the Admin CP to build various sizes of the same image for viewing (so that this type of process can be done afterhours).
Maybe I'm overkilling and a feature that uses the browsers resizing can just be written into the code (the images would probably look like cr@p though?)

Recommendations for gallery navbar
Vbgallery navbar takes up valuable screen space, would like the option to just add these options in a dropdown menu for an optional gallery link in the normal navbar (like the quicklinks dropdown). i.e. Selecting the gallery link will still bring you to the gallery from the forum or main page in addition to the gallerynav elements in the dropdown. (Again this would be an option that could be turned on/off from admin CP or gallery CP as admins see fit)

Of course this could all be done manually and I understand that these requests would probably require more modification to VB files (hopefully not after 3.5 is realeased) however I'm standing firm on this recommendation because I really believe this would add value and better interest prospective owners like myself.

Recommendations for previous/next image feature in the showimage php screen
Again this is taking up valuable screen space in my opinion, I would like a built in option in the admin cp to place this in the title bar of the image rather. Speaking of the title bar, there is so much space there (granted people are not making HUGE title names), why not place the user's name there as well.

Vertical filmstrip
I'd like to have the filmstrip on the side of the main image rather (as an option). Again this would save valuable screen space in my opinion, so that the user can see both the large file and the filmstrip at the same time (most browsers show more horizontal free space than vertical free space, especially when you factor in the logo and navbar/breadcrumb etc.).
Also, would be outstanding if you could also specify how many columns you would like to have active in this vertical filmstrip (as opposed to just how many pictures)
What I'm trying to get at is a setup where the user does not have to scroll down the page each time he/she would like to see a picture.

I'd like more access to the filmstrip piece from the admin cp. For instance, the option to change the filmstrip features from within each category in the admin cp to vertical/horizontal, show how many images in the category etc), of course with the traditional default? checkbox that is propogating information from the main filmstrips option of the default gallery settings page.

I'd also like the option of changing the table spacing and format in the admincp, so I can squeeze as many thumbnails I can onto the page (basically I'd remove ALL borders and spacing most likley!).

I'd also like to be able to enable a scroll bar in the filmstrip AS AN OPTION per category ( I realize that in large categories it might be disastrous to attempt to load all of the thumnails into a scrollbar type interface).

Also, when a thumbnail is selected, only the main image table should be loaded i.e. the page shouldn't jump back up to the top then have to scroll down etc.

Get rid of the 'filmstrip' title bar as an option in the admin cp, I think I can figure out what it is....

Again I'm sure that this can all be done one way or another via hack, however I'm sticking to my guns here as I think this would add tremendous value to your product out of the box.

Border setttings and truncating titles
When multiple images are shown such as a category page, filmstrip, new images section etc, you should have the option of setting the borders and layout here. For instance, just because one file has a super long name compared to the others, doesn't mean it should be allowed to break uniform table set. I.e. the tables don't end up lining up because the long title of the image. ( should have an option to truncate the title from the admin cp).
I'd like the option to set the table formats including the spacing, the borders etc. right here. A CCS setup that could offset the default setting of VB would probably be overkill but would really be appealing to a customer like myself.

Slideshow accesibility
Ok here is something----finding the slideshow for the average user is a pain in the arse. I consider myself a savy technical individual however it still took me a while to find it. Would be great to have an option in the admin cp (Yah I know another one, all this stuff would take forever to code right!), so that the admin can put the slideshow option right into the image title bar on the show image page. (remember all of that extra space?!?!?---you could have an admin option/setting to truncate the title as well for even more space, heck the title of an image isn't that important for most users right?/ I can get it hovering over the image anyhow). This more visible slideshow could also be put directly into the category title bar for easy reference.

Fullscreen / ESC
What about a fullscreen slideshow option that would pull the original files (if allowed by the admin)?!?!? Also, pressing the esc button in the slideshow should refer you back to the category page (or if you entered the slideshow from the show images page like I recommended above, you would return to the image you were initially viewing.) rather than having to click on that little category title in the top right hand corner, that is difficult to find for most I would imagine.

When uploading more than one file using the web browser (vs. FTP), you have the option to input info into some of the fields on the first screen, the input you place should show up in the fields of all of the images on the next page (in case a user wants to have the same keywords in all of the images for instance).

Is there any way to speed up the image upload? Having to press the upload button, then check all of the images their names etc and 'upload again' is annoying (I'm sure there is a valid reason for this of course I'm just asking if a way around this might be possible and/or explored in future development.

Since my proposed solution above includes removing the gallery navbar to conserve space, why don't we just turn that search button in the VB navbar into a gallery search button- Why search the forums from the gallery?!

Ok well now if you are still reading you are a patient soul and NO I didn't have any coffee or drugs (I'm a finance student).

Thank you-

Please let me know if any of my request/opinions/etc are out of line or if you would like to add to them please do.

Thank you Brian for this fantastic product, I'm going to buy it soon---hope that my taking the time to write up this whole thing at least helped you somewhere somehow-

You want to make me happy? Build everything I mentioned in this post into the next release and have it ready within a month! (reality is boring)

I need these features!---please don't ban me for writing such essays!
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Old June 9th, 2005, 07:42 AM   #2
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Re: Questions and recommendations

I know the dev team is probably catching up on sleep from rolling out CMPS and Gallery in the same week!

Still, being selfish and ego centric, can someone please respond soon to my questions/concerns/comments.

Realistically I would be satisified just knowing more about the specifics of the resizing intermediate images piece. Can I resize the intermediate files AFTER they have been uploaded to the server?

Thank you-
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Old June 9th, 2005, 07:54 AM   #3
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Re: Questions and recommendations

Yes, you can resize those at any time you like. They will be re-created, at the resolution you choose, from the original image. (Of course, you'll need to have the "Keep Original Images" option set to Yes.)
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Old June 9th, 2005, 05:14 PM   #4
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Re: Questions and recommendations

Outstanding outstanding outstanding!


Resize Images

Reiterating the importance of the resize simplicity- although you are recommending that you can just switch to the edit file types area to change what the resized images would be, wouldn't you also have to go to the default gallery settings to select the thumbnail resize size? and then back to the maintenance area, and then back to change the edit file types area to up the max image size again. (Hardly simple in my opinion).

One thing I would like is to be able to select the resize SIZE within the maintenance area (repeating myself here), switching back and forth and forth and back between the edit image types, default gallery settings, and image resize will be a pain in the arse.

What if you go to change the edit file type setting for your resize procedure, and then you go to your gallery default settings to change your thumbnail size and you just want to do this for resizing, but while you are taking your sweet time doing these steps and heading back over to the maintenance area to do the resize procedure, some user uploads a file to the server, and is unable to load a high resolution image. This would be frustrating for the user. So basically I would have to rush through these steps in hopes that I can get the max file size back to where I want it so I can still capture original images. Brian---make the max file size(in the edit file type section) and the resize file size (in the maintenance area) DIFFERENT options. Why should the ORIGINAL size and your proposed resize INTERMEDIATE (normal) size be the same size setting?

I recommend getting the RESIZE TO THIS SIZE option for both thumbnails and 'normal' images into the MAINTENANCE AREA----I'll code this in if I have to but would be fantastic out of the box...
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Old June 9th, 2005, 09:42 PM   #5
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Re: Questions and recommendations

Originally Posted by Brian
Why are you going to be resizing your images that much though? That tool is really meant for cases when you decide that you want to change the dimensions or thumbnail size and then need the rest of your images resized to fit the new options. With the default size options, plus the ability to specify a different thumbnail size and image dimensions on a per category basis, I'm not really seeing why you would need to use the maintenance tool that much...
General user
Great point- ****EDIT---so the max file size, in each category, can be changed and only the intermediates would be resized in that case?---- still allowing larger originals to be uploaded (from the file type max size setting)? I need a setting for (resize intermediate to this size) and another setting for (allow this size original to be uploaded) to be that possible?

I would most likely not be using it that much unless I was setting up a newly formatted site and trying to get everything to fit right to begin with (for now).....but.....striving for change-looking into the future....
advanced user
This recommendation of mine would be especially helpful if I am to write some code to allow the user to select the size of image they would like to that case, I would be doing a LOT of resizing to create many intermediate images (I'd alter the code to allow for the system to store more than one intermediate image).

And/or if I want to create multiple resolutions of image for other reasons:
*This way I could create LARGE 'super sizeintermediate images' (separate from the 'normal' images) that are almost the same size of the original file size(smaller)yet bigger than the normal images( that show on the show images page). These 'super size' intermdiates would be perfect for a full screen slideshow but would not hold up well anywhere else...So I could have:
Thumbnail size for browsing categories and filmstrip (I'd also like the option to change the thumbnail size separatly between filmstrip and category browsing!)
Intermediates next to my tiny eeetie weeenie thumbnails in the filmstrip (screen space screen space screen space management)
Super intermediates for viewing in the slideshow only (nobody can download the files from the slideshow with the code I'll put in there)
Original files, so that I can back up the files on DVD and remove them from the server(I don't want any FULL size files on the server if I don't need them for viewing, but would love to keep a collection of them for future use on another project?!?!), I'd write a script that would replace them if I needed- ****Hey in the "remove originals from server" option of the admin cp, would be great if you could have an extra option that says BACKUP originals (yah right!) and then have an uption to restore them--if nothing has changed to the directory structure) as well, (Yah right x2)

General user

Still I'm confident that my argument has some value, in defense of making the product more intuative for the rest of the users, although what level of priority is for you as a developer to decide of course (wait the world DOESN'T revolve around me?!)!

It would be nice/easier to understand, having the option to be able to do all of the operations from inside the maintenance area, and to have the file type maximum size (what I view as the original size) a different "object" than the normal file size.

Of course I can try my hand at making all of these changes myself....

perhaps SOME of the changes in my original email conflict with your priorites of NOT modifying the code to much and should be left to hackers only

Bottom line, I'm fighting for a max file size setting for intermediate images and original images to be separate (sh$T I should have just put this in at the top and made this the whole message, sometimes you realize what you mean after you finish thinking things through while you write)

I should also wait until I'm a customer and past this stuff in the requests section not pre-sales (so photopost can't see all of my wonderful suggestions without buying your software!)

Please move it-----when we are done here...
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