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Old August 26th, 2004, 04:52 PM   #1
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Is PhptoPost Php safe?

I was searching around to check if it was safe and ran across this:


PhotoPost was designed to help you give your users exactly what they

want. Your users will be thrilled to finally be able to upload and

display their photos for your entire community to view and discuss,

all with no more effort than it takes to post a text message to a

forum. If you already have a forum (vBulletin, UBB Threads, phpBB,

DCForum, or InvisionBoard), you'll appreciate that PhotoPost was

designed to seamlessly integrate into your site without the need for

your users to register twice and maintain two logins.

SQL Injection Vulnerability:

There are a large number of possibilities for SQL Injection in Photo

Post. The most important thing to remember here is that this app ties

directly into the affected website's forum system. So the aim of any

smart attacker would be to try and use the vulnerabilities in this app

to gain control of a forum by grabbing member password hashes. Below

are example url's.










I have not released any POC exploit for these issues, because like I said

before the real danger in these holes is the fact they can be used to act

against an installed forum system or other info in the database, and this

varies GREATLY on each Photo Post installation depending on what forum is

installed, and the table prefix's etc etc. A google search returned over

a half of a million websites running Photo Post, so you can imagine the

number of possibilities of the environment varying.

Script Injection:

A malicious user can inject script and html into several fields in Photo

Post. The dangers of this is it allows an attacker to run arbitrary code

in the context of the browser on any user that visits their album. Also,

it can be used to run admin commands and the like by injecting script or

html into a photo description that is awaiting approval by an admin. When

the admin views the photo to be approved the code is then executed. Some

examples of where this can take place is in photo names, photo descriptions,

album names, and album descriptions

Cross Site Scripting:

There are a number of Cross Site Scripting issues present in Photo Post.

And as previously mentioned the danger of it being used against the forum

which it resides are also a very real threat. Below are a list of the XSS

issues in showmembers.php, but it is also worth noting that any of the SQL

Injection vulns previously mentioned can also be used for XSS if Injection

cannot be successfully used.









Any of these XSS issues can be used to possibly steal cookies from the forum

which Photo Post resides, run code in a users browser and more.

Denial of Service:

PhotoPost is prone to a denial of service attack that can allow an attacker

to send a user (logged in or not) a malicious link that will result in the

user not being able to gain normal access to the PhotoPost installation until

they clear their cookies.


This is possible because the "perpage" variable resides in the users cookie.

Like I said before a user does not have to be logged in for this to happen.


The vendor was contacted. Most of these issues do not seem to be present in

4.7 though. Original advisory @


These vulnerabilities are different than the one posted by goodb0y of Zone-H as

seen here.

It is important for the users of this program to know that in order to be safe.

Have these vulnerabilities been fixed?
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Old August 26th, 2004, 05:08 PM   #2
Chuck S
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To my knowledge yes and that old thread you read states so in 4.7

We are on 4.8.2
Photopost Developer and Support Engineer

Please do not PM me for support or sales questions. Thank you for your understanding.
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