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1) Apostrophes in names seem to not cause a problem. I have heard there may be some problems with them in catagory titles, but the problem is known and being worked on... once they figure out exactly is causing them. (I have magic_quotes on).

2) Yes

3) Yes

4) You can give users the premission to setup their own catagories within the member's Album. I believe they can setup sub-catagories but I don't use that feature so don't know for sure.

5) Can integrate with InvisionBoard. I use vB so not sure how the intergation is handled.

6) No. There is no stand alone system. I use the PayPal feature of vB and PP can use that system for granting special features.

7) Yes and no. It handles large amount of pictures fairly well since they are stored as files and not in the database. Only drawback is at this time all of a members photos are stored in their own directory. If someone has 5000 photos, that can create 15000 files in their directory (thumbnail, midsize, fullsize) which could affect server performance.

8) Yes

9) Yes

10) Not really. You can bulk ftp the photos to your web server and then process them all at once but you'd have to edit each one if you want different discriptions on each one.
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