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Angry Frustrated albinator user checking in

So I recently purchased albinator and have had lots of troubles. So here I am scoping out the competition to see if you guys can stack up against them

Here are the major obstacles that if PhotoPost can solve I will switch from Albinator pretty quickly!

1) Apostrophes!!!!! I have had problem after problem with usernames that have apostrophes, album names, pictures, and category names... the list goes on. This is by far the most frustrating item. Currently none of my users with apostrophes can login to the gallery. So has anybody had problems with apostrophes with PhotoPost when magic_quotes_gpc is off or on?

2) Restricting upload permission per usergroup per category. I would like to be able to say usergroup bob is the only one that can upload to category smith, and everybody else can just browse. Albinator cannot do this.

3) Sub-albums. Albinator cannot do this.

4) A clean organized solution to a gallery with 12,000+ images. When I mean clean I would like to have a 'Members' category, then each user have a sub-category, and inside their sub-category they can create as many sub-albums within sub-albums, nested as far down as they want. Albinator cannot do this.

5) Seamless integration with InvisionBoard 1.2, and soon to be 1.3. Albinator's user integration is flaky, it does not use the existing ibf_members table, it duplicates records into its own table. I would prefer a non-duplicate user member base maintained by one application, not two. And in the near future the ability to tie into Invision Converge (the central user membership application). Along with this integration I would like to see a very smooth tight fit forum feel. Albinator's comment system for the images is very plain and does not resemble the integrated forums at all.

6) Self maintained end-user paypal driven membership upgrades. Albinator does do this quite well and I would want this from PhotoPost as well. Meaning the end user with no interaction from me can select a membership to subscribe to that will offer more features like space, have the system deal with a paypal IPN gateway and handle the processing of the payment, the upgrade to the account features, and the maintenance involved with re-occurring payments, missed payments, stopped payments, etc.

7) Scalability. From what I've seen this is not a problem for PhotoPost.

8) 'Offline' mode. Be able to turn off the gallery during maintenance to prevent user interaction that would alter the database.

9) The ability to set the cut-off resolution size for a viewable image before a full-size version is created, AND a resolution cut-off size for the full-size image on the fly. Meaning, an end user can take their 4-mega-pixel image, upload it and the system will automatically create a browsing safe size (800x600), and then create a server space safe full size (1280x1024). Albinator cannot do this, it can only change the cut-off size for the full size image, it cannot control the cut-off size for the full-size image.

10) Easy method to import from existing 12,000+ menalto gallery is a must. Albinator can not do this.

Sorry for the long questions, but I want to make sure PhotoPost can do exactly what I want before I consider switching.

Thank you for your time!

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