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Thanks for the link.

I have seen that large thread in the past, to me it reads as 3 pages of people trying to get versions that work for them and heaps of people commenting they can't get it to work as they want and uploading tweaked versions etc etc - a lot of the final messages read that some people are giving up perhaps. Also the talk of it being done to work with the code of the time and of the need to backup your database and so on and so forth doesn't fill me with confidence that any one piece of code in there is going to just work.

I did look at some of the sites that say they got it to work just now when I saw your link, none I looked at has it running now it seems so I presume they all had problems with it.

Putting something into my system that seems like it might not work and that might even do harm is not really what I'm looking for.

I was trying to find someone running something with the current version of Photopost that works, and where they would be willing to simply share the code they are using - then it is a safe bet for me to alter a few paths and run it.

I guess nobody here is actually doing it from the replies so far, even those who think they are seem to not have it working etc as you've seen .

I think the ability to promote the Photopost area on normal Web pages/front pages of sites by showing latest pictures or random pictures or most downloaded pictures is such a useful one for both customers and for the promotion of Photopost itself that this might warrant an official util or even its inclusion in the main program - 'generate external page for : latest, most downloaded, random' - that generates a new page or pages each time there is an upload or similar perhaps.

Picking up the html page generated would be simple with an iframe.

Anyway.. if nobody has anything that they want to share running at this moment with the current Photopost then I guess I should probably forget that idea until something fresh pops up here. Thanks for replying anyway.

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