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Thanks again for your help,

you are right, I found the missing cats in the user albums, but they are assigned to user, who did not create them and have nothiong to do with this pics. Is there any way for chaning them to admin created ones ?

The charset related topic:
I am a little bit confused, I looked at my vbulletin config file and there is:
$config['Mysqli']['charset'] = 'utf8';

In phpMyadmin the database config is:

Looking at an old vBgallery table the collation is:

And the new tables of pp are:

So from my point of view, I have to delete all tables of pp, set the config file to $ppcharset='latin1'; and reimport everthing, can you confirm this? Or is there any faster way, to correct everything ?

One notice left:
Tables of pp and vb are in the same database

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