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Originally Posted by Chuck S View Post
You either need to alter new config files with the correct information or add to your existing configs the new variables not found in your current config files.
Thanks CHuck.

Question, my old version of config-int and config-int were very old, back to photopost v5.

My old config-int had this:
Content visible to verified customers only.
The new config-int has just this:
Content visible to verified customers only.
Am I safe to ignore the other two or shoudl I copy them over? This might be a holdout from the VB3 days. Also, I noticed the new config-int has "VB3_INTEGRATION" in quotes , and the old one doesn't. Does that matter?

I think I'm OK with everything else on those files.

Finally: the reason I re-registered my support account. My gallery stopped working on 8.03 once I ran the vb4.2.2 upgrade from 4.2.0 PL1. Should a photopost upgrade fix that ?
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