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Pre-purchase questions about PhotoPost Classifieds

I have a very active Buy and Sell board at that I am thinking about replacing with PP Classifieds. Here is my board:

Here are my questions:

1) Can I import iTrader feedback ratings into PP Classifieds?

2) Can I charge a different listing fee for one usergroup versus another?

3) Can I charge a flat fee per listing (eg $3 per listing) and give a separate option of a subscription (eg, $25/year)

4) If there are subscriptions, is there any way to charge a different yearly subscription fee for someone who posts a lot of listings (high volume, ie commercial vendors) vs someone who posts fewer listings (low volume, usually regular members)?

5) Does the classifieds search use or show up in the forum search? If not, can it be setup to allow very short (eg, two letter) search terms like my current forum does? People are searching very short terms like "M5".

Thank you. I am a very satisfied PhotoPost Pro and ReviewPost user.

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