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I opened the gallery up for public viewing:
I do not see how to set a thumbnail for my subcategories, perhaps at initial setup, but I did not upload the photo at the original setup and it is not obvious where to do that.
I am confused about settings. On the index page I have it set to display random, recent and popular images with the list of categories to the left. When I go to the next level category DEMONSTRATOR ARCHIVES, the subcategories under that do not show up in any way. I either need to add an image to the category setup, to represent all in that category. And maybe then that would show up. How do you get the box titled ReefTalk Gallery, that has the subcategory with thumbnails: Reefs, Corals, Diving Pics etc? That would suffice for me. I don't know the terminology for what I am asking. I am calling the images that show up next to the subcategory names "category thumbnails", I wonder what you mean by 'featured block' I don't need every last picture in the subcategories to show up, either a few pictures (how do I select them or tell the photopost to display them) or a thumbnail representing the category... One of my subcategories: Demonstrator Archives>TOOLS does have a thumbnail related to it. Can you help me at all? I have "Display Featured Photos on this page?" in show photo options set to Yes... so how do I select Featured Photos??
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