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Nacho Lopez
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I'm having some problems with friendly url. I'm confident that my server supports mod_rewrite since I have it working with vbulletin but it doesn't work very well with photopost.
I suspect it's something related to special characters used in spanish language like for example á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ...
For example:
if you have a photo named otoño, then the url is changed for this: oto-f1o.html instead this one: otono.html that is like vbseo Works in vbulletin
or if the name of a category is panorámicas, the url is panor-e1micas.html instead panoramicas.html
I mean:
á should be changed for a
é for e
í for i
ó for o
ú for u
and ñ for n
How can we do it?
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