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I told your SEO might not work on your server as spider urls do not. Your server for SEO urls would need to support MOD REWRITE and the .htaccess file would need to be present.

All your images show the large and thumbnails so not sure what your trying to say.

Your only issue is users do not align and nor should they right. Remember your the one running a script to import the content into a gallery that is aligned with a forum when your talking about some gallery you had that was a standalone.

You can run the realign script I noted but that is only going to help you if the actual user exists in the forum with that exact username in the photos and comments so we can actually update the userid. Otherwise the photos and comments would be orphaned.

I clicked around and it looks like the username displayed on the photos matches the forum so not sure what your issue is.

La Rosa - My Photo Gallery

Thats userid 1 on the gallery and forum looks aligned to me
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