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Yeah we are not at that stage yet.

This thread was started before we even supported header footer integration in xenforo like we do in vb.

My test link is just that a test link to show the progression of the work. I know of one customer who I worked with who has like 30000 photos in his xenforo photopost setup. Two different sites are in german so users will have to take that with a grain of salt. Remember we do not require users to list what they integrate with so we are limited to what we can tell list and I am not going to list anyone's url without there permission.

Once I get Reviewpost out the door and a few more people test things out I will do an official announcement on our site. That will most likely be in a week or two to give enough of you to test things out and find any issues that need to be addressed.

Coming in the future obviously as I need time to learn the xenforo plugin system I will probally also expand the plugin xml from just right now supporting the navigation to also showing a photo block on the forum as well as adding our profile stuff to the xenforo profile. Providing of course there are the proper hooks. The documentation over at xenforo on the plugins is a bit light shall we see what I can come up with in time. I will most likely release that stuff as mods to begin with in time and as things mature include them into the core product just like I did with my vb4 mods I did that became standard in PP8 series.
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