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Optima we support 25 different forums and have supported xenforo since it was an early beta years ago before they even released a final gold version. Nothing has changed here we support things as we always have except now we can load the xenforo header footer automatically thats it.

My example that I posted is just that an example it is not some demo. It is a link to one of my personal sites. You asked for the demo then I am going to show you the photopost on this site and it is vb3 because that is the forum the owner of photopost chooses to use that for a support forum.

Once we do some type of official announcement I will most likely ask the few sites I know of if they want to be linked and get permission to post there site links in an announcement.

That is about the most I can do for you.

A community photo gallery - Omegatron Gallery

I am still developing the new integration with xenforo with our last product ReviewPost.
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