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Originally Posted by Chuck S View Post
Sufficient is a relative term only only attainable to your ideals.

The test I posted shows what it is suppose to show which is the header footer navigation of xenforo around our application.
Im not asking for the moon. ~5 categories and ~30 pics would be sufficient. This would give one a better idea on the the look and feel.

You will have to wait for a user who actually runs xenforo and the gallery together with alot of content to post a url if they choose to.
Why???? This makes no sense at all. Are you expecting people to imagine what it looks like?

Dont know if you are aware, Xenforo licensees have been asking for a gallery for a long time and no one has yet to deliver. Once they find out about this XF + PP enhanced integration, they will want to see it in action. Instead, they come here and see a VB3 integration.

Do you think they are going to hunt down an XF integration? Doubt it.
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