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Originally Posted by Chuck S View Post
Please read my last post1!

Your definately not using the importer as it was designed. it was designed to import a standalone coppermine into a clean photopost install.

I mean how are we to know what users pictures belong to if your coppermine has no users. See what I mean here. You told me your coppermine only has 3 users and thats the issue. The importer is not able to import the users so there is no way to get the user info for a user.

Now as stated you may be able to salvage some things by trying to run the other script I noted if your photopost is integrated with your SMF. That script will grab and insert a userid from smf based on the username thats on photos and comments. Now as stated that can only work if your actual photos and comments have the correct username on them. Do they?

Might help if you post a URL here.
Ok my misunderstanding. I was under the understanding that the userfix corrected the user ID's between VB and PP.
I can see what you want me to do....
Integrate Photopost with smf and run userid. Realine photopost with VB and then run database cleanup... is that right?
To answer your question yes the users and pictures are in the correct order on Coppermine... infact the coppermine gallery has no errors.
Sorry for misunderstanding... just been at this now for 30 hours and could do with a kip.
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