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I'm going to migrate from Coppermine to Photopost and I'm not native English speaker. I'm Russian.
So I have a lot of questions.

1. First of all, I've seen that your script has Russian language file. Is it utf-8 code or cp1251? What Russian code it is written in, because... you know, they're different.

2. Then... I have a very large gallery on Coppermine Photo Gallery 1.4.12 (stable) version. Is this ok for this version of Coppermine Importer? Will it be ok to covert 10700 files?

3. I have not clearly understand the instruction how to do the migration.
Well, first of all... my present gallery is now at the same directory where I'm going to have it on photopost script.

So do I need clear the directory first? And then put their bold Photopost script? And then... where should be my coppermine gallery? On my computer? On some other ftp directory?

I mean... I see that you suggest to write 2 paths - one to photopost and another to coppermine to connect them, but I can't get what would be better in such situation.

4. So... the second point:
"Run the importer through your web browser and fill in all required info and paths for both programs"
Does it mean that I nead to open this file like this if I'd have my gallery in subdomain?

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