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I'm going to migrate from SMF + Coppermine to vBulletin + PhotoPost 6.2. I did several tests and the importer works correctly

But I have two problems. One of them is because the system to undo the watermark image in Coppermine don't works. But I have the originals images, so I would like import from Coppermine to PhotoPost the original images, that have the "orig_" prefix. I tried, but I can't. So my first question is: how can I change the import script to add the prefix so the script import the images without the watermark?

My second question. After my tests, I have a forum with vB (all correct: users, PM, posts, threads, etc...), and a gallery with PhotoPost (all images). But, the images in the gallery are changed. I'll try to explain with an example: user with id 89 have several images in the original system, but in the new system, these images are associated with other user. And the user with id 89, haven't images. This situation is present with a lot users and images. I tried several times to solve it, but it was impossible. I used userfix.php, but it doesn't works.

Maybe I did the steps incorrectly:
- I have SMF + Coppermine
- I install vB and PhotoPost, and I join together.
- I import from SMF to vB.
- I import from Coppermine to PhotoPost.

And I have the problems. I tried others combinations, and I have read a lot in the forum, but the result was the same always. Now, I haven't the test forum, but if you need it, I'll install them and give you an admin account.

I hope you can help me

Thanks in advanced.
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