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Thanks for your help Chuck! I'm sorry if I am not posting this in the right area, but I am still having a couple of problems. First, there are no user profiles. I've gone in and filled in all the profile info on my own profile, and when I try to view it, it just takes me to a blank page. My other problem is that the comments all transferred over fine, but it is showing 0 posts for all users in the admin area. And Top Posters on main page is showing photo counts not comment counts.

*Edited to add:

I setup a test account
username: test
pass: testing

I added profile information in and there is nothing showing. There is no links to statistics, etc. at the left either, absolutely a blank page except for links at top.

And new comments made are added to the users posts (shows in user info under avatar when they post, as well as in admin) but it is the old comments that were transferred from the Coppermine gallery that are not showing. Example one user had posted over 200 comments in Coppermine gallery, posted 2 comments tonight and is showing only 2 comments, rather than adding those 2 comments to previous ones.

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