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I have just followed all the steps above, and it seems that everything has tranferre ok, until I go in to view my gallery and there is no thumbnails and no images...everything is there except it has a box that says "no thumbnail available" and when you click to see the medium image there is just the red x. I have gone through the cleanup steps, and when I rebuild the medium images they get says "cannot find abc.jpg" and drops it from the database. I am assuming what has happened is the image files have not transferred properly and are not saved in my PhotoPost there a way to manually move them over from Coppermine to PhotoPost in an ftp program?? Or is there some other solution to this problem?

Here is the link to my PhotoPost gallery: My Photo Gallery - Main Index

The categories/albums didn't transfer quite right either, but I can fix that easily enough once I have images!

Thanks in advance for any help!!!
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