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Looks like one more tweak will be needed, if possible. Just did an import from vBGallery 2.1 to PP 6 and only the 'medium' images were imported.

In the vBGallery table to PP table mapping it should use "originalname", "originalfilesize", "originalwidth", "originalheight" for the values of "bigname", "filesize", "width", & "height" when "originalname" is not empty and then "filename", "filesize", "width", & "height" mapped to {medium file location}, "medsize", "medwidth", & "medheight" accordingly. If "originalname" is empty then the current mappings work as-is.

That may present a problem though since vBGallery appends the suffix "_original" to the end of the 'bigimage' name (eg: "abc.jpg" turns into "abc_original.jpg" and "abc.jpg" is the new medium image).
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