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Photopost vbGallery to Photopost Pro Import Script


Import Instructions for vBGallery import.

1. Upload the two files to your photopost directory and CHMOD vbag.cnf.php to 777

2. Run the importer through your web browser and fill in all required info and paths for both programs

3. The importer will cycle through in steps each process.

4. After Import cleanup work needed.

a. In Admin => Edit Categories view the cats list and hit save. Scan down each parent in sortcats and hit save. This reinitializes the children count to show children of parent cats. Very Important. Any cat that is clickable meaning it has children click the cat to see the child list and hit save.

b. Under Scan Database recheck and build post number and check for children.

c. Make sure to set any usergroup and categories permissions you see fit.

d. Set your medium size threshold in Upload Options and under Scan Database rebuild your medium images.
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