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I did all that now. The most work was within vbulletin the manual move of the imported users into their newly created usergroups.

But it seems that the usergroup ID is somehow hardcoded to the username with the import script.

Even after I changed the usergroup for a user within vbulletin, the usergroup ID stays in the db of vbulletin and of PP the old one. If I look in the ACP within vbulletin, I see the name of the new (and correct) usergroup, but the db field and PP tells me a different story with teh ID#.

If I click within PP on the user profile, it shows me the wrong usergroup. But all images are correctly linked to that User.

I do think that has something to do with how vb is numbering the pre-default usergroups and vs. PP usergroup ID.

#8 for example is the ID for banned users. A specific usergroup of PP (moderators) was automatically imported with this script into this usergroup. Although I moved those users out of banned into a newly created group, it still shows in the db the ID of the group "banned". And PP seems to take the same group obviously as vb for that user.

Maybe I have to delete first all usergroups before I use this script. But then I also do not know which user belongs to which group.

before using this import script, I had the following group IDs:

5 Administrator
1 Banned
3 unregistered Visitor
4 Registered /Guest
6 Bronze
7 Gold
8 Moderator
9 Silver
10 Dealer

After the import script I had:

6 Administrator
8 Banned
1 unregistered Visitor
2 Registered /Guest
9 Bronze
12 Gold
7 Moderator
11 Silver
13 Dealer

3 User who are waiting for E-Mail notification (new group of vb)
5 Super Moderator (new group from vb)

So it seems that i.e. ID#8 (moderators) do not change their ID after import. Although I moved them to "Gold" (ID 12) within vb, they still show ID 8

Do I have then to fix this then directly in database or is there an easier solution possible?
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