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Originally Posted by Chuck S View Post
Usergroups are not imported, Your users should be imported into vb with the usergroupid of 2 and admin 6 to match you can create usergroups in vb. We dont import our groups into vb since all user management is in vb and this script is just concerned with adding users and the admin to vb.

what would then be the next appropriate step to have a shared userregistration of vb and PP after using this script?

my idea would be:


1. creating usergroups in vb with the same name then the ones in PP

2. distributing the users in the appropriate usergroup within vb

3. Edit the settings table of Photopost settings 41,83,171-173 and set to the proper integration type forum mysql table prefix and cookie settings.

4. Edit my config-inc.php file of Photopost and enter in user database the proper vbulletin mysql info and the proper vbulletin license in the $vblicense variable line.

5. In my usergroups table of Photopost delete all entries except Administrators where that one you want to edit it and change the groupid from 2 to 6

6. synchronise within PP with the link in ACP/usergroup the usegroups now with vb usergroups

7. Recheck all settings (upload rights etc.) for each usergroup within PP


Would that work? Would all userids be correct between the 2 software and all albums etc.?
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