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Resort Reviews

Hi there, I have just finished my ReviewPost and have let the general public take a peak.

I have intergrated with a PhotoPost, phpBB2 2.0.18 with tons of mods including, CH, Birthday, Cash, Arcade, Lottery, Bank, Casino, Blog, Shops, User shops, Jobs, and many more and all works great. I'm using GD2 for my photo post and review post. Some minor edits too accomadate the "Resort" feel, opposed to the "Product" feel.

I have disabled the user uplaods, so this is just a review section for 28 Riu Resorts that I have selected.
Still lots of template work to do and not too many reviews yet, but I'm sure that they will come. The PhotoPost seems to be really picking up. Check it out.
Photo Post and Review Post are a great software and very flexable.

Riu Reviews
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