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Re: switch from photopost to VbAdvanced Gallery

From what I understand, our concept of a "Members' Gallery" is a little different from PP's. Their Members' Gallery is simply a list of all users who have uploaded images to the gallery. In vBa Gallery, you can assign any category to act as a members' category. Then any images that are uploaded to that category will automatically be placed in a "sub-category" (which I put in quotes since a category is not actually created, it just appears as one is on the user side). You can also set any category you would like to allow your members to create their own sub-categories. Any sub-categories created within a category that has been set to act as a members' gallery will also be placed under the "sub-category" that is named after that user. For a better example of this, take a look at the "Members' Category" category in the [ur=]demo[/url].
this is the one last thing that I have been thinking about before I make the switch. Actually, since photopost 5, they have a thing called "members albums" these are categories that have no parent category , they fit into the category structure nowhere at all. The only place they show up is in the members gallery.

so to the user this is what happens

members gallery(shows a list of members, with thumbnails) > Gene (shows a list of Gene's albums, also thumbnailed, and a list of gene's pictures that are in the actual category structure)> Album1 (one of gene's albums) > pictures in this album

and the user can "associate" his/her album to a physical category, so when a user browses to a category, the "associated" albums show up (kind of like virtual folders)

since all my users photos are already organized in this manner. I am trying to figure out how to replicate it with Vbag's existing structure.

as for the "associating with real categories," that might be complicated but its okay to throw that out.

Specifically, I want this functionality :

each member has his/her own gallery "my gallery," and inside the gallery, they can create new albums, and put pictures into the albums.

so if I were to import the database, I would have to : create a members gallery, create sub-categories for each member, and create sub-sub categories for every 'album' they have?

I want to completely throw out the conventional category structure. and replace it with a structure based on members. does that make sense?

kind of like how deviant art, each user has his/her own gallery , but also with sub albums for each user

i guess its hard for me to figure out how vbag is doing this internally without seeing the database structure and code.
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