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Re: switch from photopost to VbAdvanced Gallery

Originally Posted by sircambridge
for 2) and 4) what I really mean is this : Each "category" should have its own forum, and each picture should have its own thread.

so in a category page, there would be a list of subcategories, as well as the category forum. for example, a "pets" category page would show a forum related to pets.

What I really want to find out is : how are comments for a picture stored? are they stored as threads in the database? that would be convenient if I wanted to show "recent comments from this category," as that would just be a module that shows recent threads from this forum. does that make any sense, or is there a better way to do this?
So are you wanting a new thread to be created on your forums for every image that is uploaded? If so, that shouldn't be too hard. Just a simple query added under the one that inserts the image. Comments on images are stored in a separate table called 'adv_gallery_posts', so it would take just a little extra work to get comments made in the gallery and in the forums.

for 3) what I mean is this : when a user registers, for example, he/she chooses his/her profession such as "doctors, programmers, etc" and after they log in there can be a link to the "doctors home page" which is the doctor category, with the doctor forum, and the doctor recent picture, as well as the doctor recent comments new users etc?
That probably wouldn't be too hard... Just add a column to the 'adv_gallery_categories' table to determine which profile filed the category should be associated with, then a query in your register.php file to grab that category based on what they select.

perhaps this is too complex and there is an easier way to do this. I do not want to make seperate vb3/vba/vbag installations, because I also want a "general home page" which shows all recent pictures, recent comments etc.

I am familiar with php, I need to sit down and learn how vbag and vb works the database. I just want an expert opinion, if this can be done through the existing framework, is everything object oriented and accessible, For photopost, I would have to do it almost entirely seperately, because it is so hard to integrate anything, not to mention it is close to impossible to change the layout without completely rewriting sections of the code. When they make a security fix, I have to re-re-write everything...

If someone thinks it should'nt be too hard, a simple "buy gallery and you won't be disappointed" would suffice.
If you're familiar with vB and the way they do things, then I honestly don't think you would have a problem. If you haven't already, you may want to download our CMPS from here so you can get a general idea of vBa coding style as well.
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