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switch from photopost to VbAdvanced Gallery

I am thinking about making the switch from photopost to VbAdvanced Gallery. I have been using photopost since 3.1, for more than two years now.

I have no doubts that the database can be easily imported, but I have a few questions before I make the switch.

1. seperation of member albums with categories. How exactly does this work in vbag? in photopost members had their OWN gallery area, which showed albums, as well as the ability to assign their album to categories. so when you go to a category, their album will show up. in vbag, theoretically, could I assign mamber galleries to calendar events? I could just write some code in the album administration assigns itself to an event, and write some code in calendar view to "get" associated albums and display the link?

2. in vbag, is it theoretically possible to associate a forum with a category? in vba, there were modules to include recent threads and forums. It should be possible for me to code a module that gets the current category or subcategory(from the URL maybe), and includes the corrosponding forum or thread? (of course this would have to be assigned in the database first)

3. now this might be pushing it, but would be be possible for me to write some code to associate categories with users? in Vb you can easily add user custom profiles, which they can choose from a list upon registration. it should be possible for me to write a module which gets the current user id, and gets a specified custom profile field, then makes a query to find the associated category?

4. finally, show a thread for each picture, as a comments section? is this how vbag does it currently?

I am willing to put time and effort into modding vbag for my purposes and I would share my mods with the community. photopost is a great product, but their integration with vb3 is a bit of a hack. they just include the vb header and footer, use the class selectors for their tables so the style matches, and make sure there are no conflicts. (I have sucessfully integrated vba and photopost, but there were so many issues to be solved. for example loading pp-inc.php breaks vba RC2's ability to show vb phrases) I am a little fed up with hacking photopost because its always so hard to figure out what their code is trying to do. maybe they did this so it would be hard to steal their code. also I think their development philosophy is short sighted. all their new features are responses to user requests, they have no long-term vision or direction. they just keep hacking in new feature after new feature so they can claim they have the most features of any photo gallery and charge you 120 dollars.
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