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Incorrect. Please read:

Do you offer any discounts if I purchase more than one license?

Yes - we offer discounts for purchases of three or more licenses. The price for each license decreases depending on the number of licenses you already own and the number that you wish to purchase:

* 3 to 5 Lease Licenses - $79.00 per license
* 6 to 10 Lease Licenses - $73.00 per license
* 11+ Lease Licenses - $67.00 per license

* 3 to 5 Own Licenses - $148.00 per license
* 6 to 10 Own Licenses - $136.00 per license
* 11+ Own Licenses - $124.00 per license

There are two ways to qualify for a discount. The first is to purchase all licenses at once, in which case the discount applies to all licenses purchased. For instance, if you purchase three owned licenses at once, the price will be $148 for each license or $444 for all three. The second method is cumulative. In this case if you purchase two licenses, both these will be at full price. However the third license purchased will qualify for the $148 price.