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Custom links

Originally Posted by Michael P
1) The current version doesn't have a currency indicator, so it would be changed in the templates.
2) Making the images link for an affiliate link would also require a change to the templates as the only link we have enabled is a generic one to which uses keywords generated from the product title.
3) There is a bulk add feature, but it may or may not handle the data feed you are talking about. It's more of a quick way to upload images of items that can then be edited to add descriptions/titles, etc.
The ability for me to link product names and images to custom links is essential for me. How difficult would you estimate this mod woud be. Above you say that it would require a change to the templates. Does each product get it's own template, or would I just need to modify a single template?

Any help appreciated. FYI - I'm really surprised this isn't a feature already. I almost just purchased, completely assuming it would be.

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