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Here is an example of the index.php language file translated to french

$Globals['pp_lang']['home'] = "Index";
$Globals['pp_lang']['welcomeuser'] = "Bienvenue,";
$Globals['pp_lang']['welcome'] = "Bienvenue sur ";
$Globals['pp_lang']['tablehead'] = "Index principal";
$Globals['pp_lang']['recent'] = "Produits r?cents";
$Globals['pp_lang']['lastday'] = "dernier jour";
$Globals['pp_lang']['last7'] = "7 derniers jours";
$Globals['pp_lang']['last14'] = "14 derniers jours";
$Globals['pp_lang']['allimages'] = "toutes les images";
$Globals['pp_lang']['category'] = "Cat?gorie";
$Globals['pp_lang']['lastrating'] = "Durer la Revue";
$Globals['pp_lang']['lastproduct'] = "Le dernier Produit T?l?charge";
$Globals['pp_lang']['posted'] = "les produits post?s et";
$Globals['pp_lang']['postednoc'] = "produits post?s";
$Globals['pp_lang']['posts'] = "revues";
$Globals['pp_lang']['toposter'] = "Premi?res Affiches";
$Globals['pp_lang']['regusers'] = "Membres";
$Globals['pp_lang']['views'] = "Affichages";
$Globals['pp_lang']['stats'] = "Statistiques";
$Globals['pp_lang']['diskspace'] = "Espace occup?";
$Globals['pp_lang']['unrusers'] = "visiteurs";
$Globals['pp_lang']['unruser'] = "visiteur";
$Globals['pp_lang']['whoonline'] = "Membres parcourant les images";
$Globals['pp_lang']['and'] = "et";
$Globals['pp_lang']['viewing'] = "viewing";

you would need to edit all the files in the languages/english directory under your install and convert the english language strings to french as I did above to that one file
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