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Think I made a mess

Phot gallery does don't shrink down to size like it did...was trying to add an additional line between the script you sent and messed something up right above it, guess I deleted something I shouldn't have.

This is the current stuff on the seachbox.tmpl.
Any idea where the error is?

<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0">
<td align="right">
<input type="text" name="si" style="font-size: 8pt;" size="15" value="$si" />
<input type="image" align="bottom" src="{$Globals['idir']}/go.gif" />
<td colspan="6" align="right" class="{$Style['menubarnb']}">
<span class="{$Style['small']}">{$Globals['pp_lang']['recent']}: <a href="{$Globals['maindir']}/showgallery.php?cat=last1&amp;forcat=$cat">{$Globals['pp_lang']['lastday']}</a>
&nbsp;<a href="{$Globals['maindir']}/showgallery.php?cat=last7&amp;forcat=$cat">{$Globals['pp_lang']['last7']}</a>
&nbsp;<a href="{$Globals['maindir']}/showgallery.php?cat=last14&amp;forcat=$cat">{$Globals['pp_lang']['last14']}</a>
&nbsp;<a href="{$Globals['maindir']}/showgallery.php?cat=all&amp;forcat=$cat">{$Globals['pp_lang']['allimages']}</a>

<td colspan="5" align="left" class="{$Style['menubar']}">
<span class="{$Style['small']}">Now See Your Favorite Pictures Either By Category or By Video Title<br />Some photos may appear in more than 1 category but have tried to keep this at a minimum yet show all your favorites by the specific categories for you.

$ppclose<br />

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