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Omegatron, the last PM/contact I received from you was on August 9th and the PM said:

"well I think you need to decide exactly what your looking for

I wrote an rss script you did not like it. I showed you how text rss is shown in a previous PM and never heard a response.

RSS is exactly how things are synticated on another site.

I can alter the one I wrote to show in tables so someone could display your new posts somewhere else. You could place rss feed links in the category descriptions.

Its really in what your looking to do."

I have never received any email from you or any Photopost person other than the regular emails of thread notifies and lost passwords. My filters put my email in other folders, but I still check them.

I am completely unfamiliar with RSS feeds, however, I had learned the simple fact that they were used for syndicating one sites content to another site. The only link I'm aware of that you've pointed me to is: which was something of an RSS feed going to a program, not a website. Did you send me another link or does a type of RSS feed hack already exist that you sent me that I did not receive?

I am interested in allowing the sites to make the feed customizable (at least as far as link color, background color, # of chars before truncating with ...) I do not ever remember you sending me anything that displayed how this is accomplished through the url. Could you send it again through PM?

I am very interested in getting this, but it appears that mis-communication has been our main problem up until now.

Before posting this thread, I looked over at Photopostdev and there are only two forums for classifieds. The subtitle for both read as follows:

Modification Suggestions
"Have an idea for a modification? Need help writing one?"


Classifieds Modifications
"Post your code modifications here."

When I didn't see "request" or "help" in either of the subtitles I just assumed the purpose of those forums weren't for posting mod requests. I was about to post it in Modification Suggestions since it says "Need help writing one?", but then I thought it was more of a basic help, not a full blown having somebody do it for you, but more of somebody helping you out with a line of code here and there.

Will you please let me know how I should proceed and/or what decisions I need to make before contacting you again? If there is any type of RSS feed mod that already exists that has instructions on how to incorporate it into not only my classifieds website, but also how the end user would, I would love to check it out and perhaps only need to pay to have that mod slightly tweaked.

Sorry for any mis-communications we have had. From my perspective (before I knew about missing emails, etc.) our communication just cut off and didn't get any reply from you or Photopost ppl and was under the impression I was simply not being helped.

Please let me know and thanks for making it more clear about what went on previously.
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