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You may post hack requests on

This is a support forum for the product.

Just for the record since you are trashing Photopost people when posting asking for help with a mod on the photopost forum when a prospective client does not answer emails or questions when I ask them of course a quote will never be given. No response means no work period. Now I do not know if you have an email issue ( noting your spam filter thing) or not but the last email you sent in to scott and he forwarded to me was a no reply as well.

I sent you link of a normal RSS feed you did not like. I explained different strategies and how RSS works and how it displays on sites.

Placing an rss feed on someones site is easy. Giving them complete control over how it is displayed when the script is on your server is not. Different options can be set and passed in a url to the script just like I already showed you

Good Luck
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