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Exclamation Payable Photopost Classifieds Mod Request

Well I looked here at and at for a forum to post this in and nothing seemed to fit so I figured the next best spot would be here.

I have already tried to to get Omegatron and the ppl behind Photopost to give me a quote and or a rough figure on what this would cost but appearantly neither can or are willing to do it. So I am resorting to post it here. My site is and I am interested in a specific feature.

I want to be able to allow other websites to insert some code into their website that will then display the latest 10 job ad titles that when clicked will open a new browser window and take them to that job ad on my site.

I was hoping for the ability for the other website owners to be able to customize the colors as well as how many job ad titles to display as well.

Does anybody here know how to do that? It seem that getting any type of custom modding done on Photopost products is turning in to be a real pain in the REMOVED FOR VIOLATION OF FORUM RULES because nobody can or wont code.

If somebody knows how to do such a thing, is willing to do it and can give me a price quote I would really appreciate it. If you have a better way on doing this or suggestions I am all ears.

If you wish to discuss this more privately you can contact me at webmaster(at) . Please mark your email "Photopost Mod Request" to avoid my spam filters.


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