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Actually it is not an unwanted gradient. There is suppose to be a gradient there when you mark a cat as not having thumbs. I always turn off the show post counts for categories without thumbnails in the admin options so there is a full line gradient bar which is desirable.

In fact when I view your sight you have somehow altered the css to take out that gradient of the phpbb plus does not have a catHead class

<td width="45%" class="catHead" align="left">

<table width="100%" border="0">
<tr> <td class="catHead" width="15">
</td> <td>
<b><span class="genmed">
<a href="">Kites</a></span></b><br /><span class="gensmall">Reviews of kites - LEI, Foil, Trainer, etc.</span>

That area is white to me and should have the gradient so you might want to undo whatever you did.
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