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I have no idea what you are talking about. It looks quite fine to me. The text looks the same to me.

If your talking about the italic description on classifieds on the showcat script that is part of classifieds. You can alter that template and remove the italic tag. The CSS integration is seamless when I look here

You only need to add the header and footer html I told you above to get that white box which is normal phpbb look.

Only thing I would ask if you have tried altering your reviewpost phpbb2.php file as your tdnothumbs style is not showing.

$Style['tdnothumbs'] = "catHead";
$Style['menubar'] = "cat";

That is in that file and all I see on reviews is a white part.

If I do a base install of reviewpost with phpbb it doesnt look like yours.

You issue could be caused in reviewpost if the stylesheet your using does not have that class which would be NON STANDARD from phpBB and see below.

PS. I looked closer at your install and your running a forum we DO NOT support or claim to support.

Powered by phpBB2 Plus 1.52 and Hostinginfo based on phpBB 2.0.10 ? 2001, 2002 phpBB Group

Your lucky things work for the most part but from a support standpoint I don't know what to say as we do not support integration with phpBB2 Plus.

We support the following forums

UBBThreads, VB2, VB3, IPB 1, IBP2, phpBB2, DCForums+,IkonBoard, Nuke, Postnuke and soon to be supported Simple Machine Forums.
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