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Ok, now I am using forum integration and everything shows up perfectly under the admin menu, however the text is not right in all the main tables everywhere else, and the alignment of some of the header images is off.

This holds true for both:

If you look at the forum you can see how they're not matching up.

I have also tried not using the forum integration by way of uploading my phpBB .css file to the /review and /ads stylesheet directories ( and changing the relative url's to full url's for the images, however after repeated attempts and verification of the url's I did not have any luck getting the images to show up properly. What did happen then, however, is all the text was rendered correctly.

Using Forum Integration = Incorrectly rendered text & strange image behaviors

Selecting .css file and changing url's = Proper text, but no images

I am really having quite a bit of trouble here. Any help would be appreciated.

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