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User-created subdirectories independent of max upload limit

The gallery is located here:

This is a fairly large site with thousands of members and I have been putting off the gallery for too long. I just installed PhotoPost and it seems to be working just fine... but I am a little disappointed with the documentation and the small details of the software. Things just don't seem to be intuitive at all for me. BUT it does seem to be working just fine.

My question is this:

I have two areas in the forums. One is the member gallery area which is limited for regular members to 400Kb each, more for premium members. That part seems to be working just great so far.

The second area is the events area. I want members to be able to create a subfolder in this area and upload an unlimited number of photos without affecting their personal maximum. Is this possible? I can't even figure out how to create a subfolder without resorting to admin controls...

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