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How to save all changes to move to different DB?

Ok, here is the background:

- I changed A LOT in the php-files, the templates and the settings.
- I did that on an internal test server because these massive modifications took me 2 full weeks
- I started the modifications with a db dump from the actual PP on my real server
- before modifications I upgraded from PP 3.2.1 to PP 4.8.1 - I upgraded to vb 3.0.3 the same time

NOW I want to upgrade my real db/site with the modified PP version

- I will upgrade the 3.2.1 on the real server to 4.8.1 with the official downloaded PP version
- afterwards I will copy all php, language and template files into the directories on the server to overwrite the official version

Here's the question:

What exactly do I have to save/dump from the modified test db to save all options, css-styles to put it into the real db?
In what tables are these information saved (options, config, css-styles)?
What do I have to do more to take over all changes to the real db?

Thanks in advance,
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