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I didn't mean a photopost forum as in "this" place.

I meant on my own site. When I used that link it would send the link over to the Photopost gallery for the member. What I was trying to do was send the link from the picture to the vBulletin Member Profile at my own site.

This is what I'm referring to.

On this pictrue the link from the name of the poster now links to their Forum profile.

That's what I was trying to accomplish.

On to the next challenge: is there a guide to the templates anywhere? I would like to fine-tune some of the words that appear in menus. It seems to be part of a Global language template but I haven't found it yet. For example, instead of displaying "home" on the Photopost page navbar, I'd like to change "home" to "gallery home" -- any tips on how I find the right template?
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