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Exclamation How can I integrate data input fields?

Dear Users, I'd like to add some data fields in the 'Upload Photo' section for my Gallery Members. I need fields like 'Camera, 'Lens', 'Film', 'Location' and 'Description'. I couldn't find an option in the PHP Adminstration Menu which would allow me to add the above-mentioned data fields. It seems to be fixed in the PHP code.

So what's at issue is that these fields are requested in order to structure the 'description'-part if Users upload their images, posting a specific description (as 'Camera', 'Lens' etc.). I've already seen these data fields in other PhotoPost Galleries.

My question:
Is there an intelligent, more or less uncomplicate way to integrate these fields in PHP? Would this require an adjustment of the MySQL tables/PHP code? It would already be fine if Users could type these informations in a common HTML textfield (in the Upload section) and if it would be visible and structured in the posted 'description' part before images are being uploaded. In other words: 1 DB record as 'Description', including the informations for 'Camera', 'Lens', 'Film, 'Location' and of course the 'Description' self would already meet with the minimum requirements I have...!

Helpers will be awarded by joining my Gallery for free.
I would appreciate any suggestions. Emails to:
Thank you very much.

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