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allow me to disagree Omegatron
I have asked for a paid support to do things easy to do if this script was written the way other scripts are done, I agree authers have the write the way they like, and that this is a great script, but I dont agree on the unanswered posts and the quots for modification and then not doing it.

Look all around the forum and see how many satisfied client you have, I dont regret buying the script, but I hope I was told that whoever sold it to me is busy spending my money and he will take ages to answer, beleive me I would accept that.

Answers like "you have to modefy this file" or "the code you need to change is in this file" are not acceptable, If I know what they are talking about I would've written my own script.

I think our own solotion here is to help each other and never wait for support, or buy a different script, nad thats what am doing.


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