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I double checked and compared my license number.
Same number in config-inc.php is the same as my vb index.php script.

vB cookie settings
Path to Save Cookies /
Cookie Domain was blank, now

PP settings
Forum Cookie Prefix bb
Cookie Path /
Cookie Domain

I have the same logout problem trying to logout from
"An error occurred while attempting to log you out. Click here to log out."

While I agree is seems it is a cookie problem, I have the same problem on 3 computers, 2 Mac and one PC regardless whose forum I am trying to logout from.

I logged onto my forum on another computer never going to my gallery, and still found the error message on logging out. Is this now telling me it is a vB problem?

I have commented out the one 'require' line in the forum index.php trying to isolate the problem. I get errors when the require line is uncommented which is another issue. Before intergrating the gallery with my forum, I want to be sure I have the kinks worked out using the gallery as a standalone section.

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